PO Box 63, Mt. Vernon, VA 22121-0063
PO Box 63, Mt. Vernon, VA 22121-0063
Show Managers
The Battlefield Horse Show Association would like to welcome you to the upcoming show season. We look forward to having your participation in our program and joining you in a successful year.
You will find the form to complete for registering your horse show to BHSA by clicking on the New Show Application tab to the left.   
Please return your completed application, along with a copy of your Prize List and all your show dates as soon as possible.   Remember to keep a completed copy for yourself.
NO DATES WILL BE ACCEPTED BY E.MAIL OR ANY OTHER FORMAT. YOU MUST USE THE BHSA 2016 APPLICATION.  PLEASE include at least the fee for your first show.  lf you need more forms, you can either make copies or download them from the website.
The BHSA is offering our Show Managers the opportunity to have a link to their website listed on the BHSA website. lf you'd like your website listed, please be sure to put it on your application.  Also, please include a legible e-mail address for the Show Manager on your application for communication purposes.

Also available is an lndividual Member/Horse Recording form. You may make as many copies as you need of this to have them available for your exhibitors at your show.  Please remember that Show Managers must be current members and need to include their Membership application and dues with the show application if not already renewed for 2018.

REMEMBER: When completing your show application, check off all the Divisions you plan to hold. The BHSA will not approve any Divisions that are not checked off on the application.  lf you need to make changes and/or additions to your prize list you must notify the BHSA at least 30 days prior to the Show.

For more information on this including hosting a  Forrest Linton Classic (FLC) or FL Pony Classic (FLPC), and the Show Managers meeting please read the entire Show Manager Letter by clicking on the tab to the left.