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PO Box 63, Mt. Vernon, VA 22121-0063

Show Results - Points

Note to Members:
To review points and standings, click on the tab to the left that corresponds to the year you want to view.   
   -- For the current show year (2017), you will get a list of results that have been posted year-to-date.
   -- For previous show years (2004 to 2016), the list will reflect final year-end results.

If you click on the current show year you have several options once the listing is displayed:
   -- You can click on "Standings" at the top of the page.  This will take you to all divisions that have 
       year-end points.
   -- You can also click "Members" or "Horses" and any member or animal that has points will allow you
       to click on that member or horse and it will give you a list of their individual points.  

NOTE: Show Managers have up to 2 weeks before they have to send in their show results for posting points to the BHSA Website.  Please be patient when checking for your points after a recent show as we may not have received the results yet or posted them.   An asterisk (*) beside the show when viewing the full calendar indicates points for that show have been received and posted.